Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our Newest Addition

Tomorrow will be seven weeks since this beautiful little angel blessed our family. She is a very thoughtful little girl. She is quite content to sleep...a lot. When she's awake, she's happy and observant. She has great head control already and has recently started "talking" up a storm. Norrin is a very loving big brother. He gives her hugs and kisses, wants to hold her, helps change her diaper (unless its really, really poopy) and talks to her. He calls her "Anigirl", which he's heard me say more than a few times. She also has earned the nickname "Lil Bit" from her mama because in all honesty, she's a very petite baby. Even at almost 12 pounds, she has such a delicate way about her that makes her seem smaller...to me. Everyone else comments on my giant baby, so I guess its just me :). As for juggling two children, I'm working on it. I've been taking each day as it comes. Some days the kids seem like they are ganging up on me. Some days Ani is just going to have to cry...because her older brother is a bit louder about his needs. Some days Norrin is the neglected one. And some days everyone ebbs and flows in a way that makes me wonder why we don't have six more children. Each passing week we have more good days as we learn to live with each other, as we accept that things are different and as we realize that while its a big change, its a beautiful one.

Ani sleeping (in a hat knitted by her Mama).
Norrin in his "Big Brother" shirt...Todd had to give Orwell a shout out- "Big Brother is watching".

Both my babies sleeping. This was when Norrin was in the middle of a terrible virus that lasted a good 5 weeks. He was miserable and he sounded like he was drowning in his own mucus every night. This was one of the few peaceful moments we had during that time. Nothing makes a parent feel more useless than a sick child that can only be treated with Tylenol and popsicles. Poor lil man.

My sleepy little girl.

Smiling in her sleep after a quiet nursing session with Mama :).

Ani Rose this morning...smiles for all of us.

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