Friday, February 17, 2012

Time To Play Catch Up

We've been...

Snoozing in Da's arms.
Eating at Grandmom Meatball's.

Knitting...always knitting.

Trying to be sneaky, grabby girls.

Still climbing.

Making goofy faces.

And making smiley faces.

Teaching little sisters how to destroy...I mean, bounce on the furniture.

Pulling hair.

Grocery shopping.

And more grocery shopping.

Snuggling Da while eating our apples.

Showing some serious skills at opening and emptying every drawer and cabinet in the house.

Acting wild.

And really silly for Norrin's photos.

Yes, really silly.

Since my last post, we've been living life. Its been messy and crazy, but there's always something constant- the absolute love we have for each other. Work separates us from our children five days a week for 10-12 hours a day, so when we're home, we work really hard at being present for Norrin and Ani Rose. I've stuck to my guns about making dinner almost every night. We sit at the table and Norrin complains for about the first 5 minutes, but then we get to talking and its wonderful. Sometimes we make up stories, sometimes we talk about our day, sometimes we talk about serious stuff, like Presidents and bullying. Ani sits right at the table with us and has insisted that I shouldn't waste her time with baby food. She gnaws on bread, chews pieces of pasta, has some sips of soup, whatever we're having. She's also quite skilled at tipping her sippy cup. There's been Milligan children bath nights where Norrin allows Ani in the tub until she splashes too much then he asks me to take her out. There's been video games with Da while Mommy watches Ani empty one drawer after another. There's been lots of knitting for these kiddos...and a little bit of knitting for me :). There's been books and movies from the library, a visit with friends for dinner, a moms meeting, celebrating Valentine's Day and so many other joyous little tidbits to our day. So, I hope you can forgive me for not getting to the computer as frequently as I'd like. I'm embracing my babies while they're young and I'll try my best to document it whenever I can.

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