Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dinosaurs at the Franklin Institute

Last Friday we went to the Franklin Institute of Science to see the dinosaur exhibit. Its a small exhibit, but really well done. Norrin was terrified and excited and entertained by everything. Since we were technically playing hooky from school, I felt the need to make it as educational a day as I could. Ani Rose came along and mostly just stared at everything. Her favorite part was the cafeteria :). She munched on fruit salad and french fries and I can safely say that was the highlight of the visit for her.

Norrin digging for dinosaur bones.
Norrin was too scared to turn around and smile for me.

Can you blame him?

After the dinosaur exhibit, we went around to the rest of the exhibits and Norrin got to make paper again (he made some on our first visit and loved it so much he was practically stalking this table, waiting for it to open up).
Ani Rose, looking sleepy, but there was just too much going on for this little girl to take a snooze.

If there's face painting, its safe to say that Norrin will be a willing victim. He chose a pirate this time.

This was not the most inexpensive adventure we've ever had, but it was a good way to spend our day. Norrin also got a few more dinosaur figurines to add to his insanely huge collection and Ani Rose finally took a long nap on the car ride home.

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