Monday, April 23, 2012

Ani's First Birthday

 Well, my baby girl is now one year old...or she's no longer nothing, as Norrin likes to say.  We all decided to take the day off and spend it together.  Norrin insisted I make rainbow cupcakes.  We also got a few little gifts for Ani- a stroller, an inflatable bouncy horse, some first birthday clothes.  Her favorite was and is the stroller.  I put her Elmo doll in it and she walks up and down the hall with him.  She hasn't figured out how to turn the stroller, but she likes walking with it and has even attempted a few steps on her own (for the record, she still prefers crawling).We had breakfast together, played on a playground while Da did just a little bit of work, then we all went to Grounds for Sculpture.  It was perfect weather and we stayed there until it closed. 

Rainbow cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles.

Some without the dark chocolate frosting for Ani Rose...I decided she didn't need the extra dose of caffeine and sugar.  She was wild enough on just the cupcake. 

What happens when I leave a colander with strawberries in front of Norrin Radd.  I think he only shared two with his sister and I got to nibble the leftovers...hmmm.

Ani and her stroller.

Happy girl.

At Grounds for Sculpture.  The peacocks are free to wander wherever and they let you get pretty close to them. 

Ani is such a little animal lover, so she kept making these high pitched squeaks to get its attention or declare her love or something of that nature :).

 This is a photo Norrin took.  I wish I could have taken a picture of him taking a picture.  He was so cute about it.  He followed that peacock so close, I thought he was going to step on his tail. 

Ani Rose ate and ate and usual.  The best part about this meal was that she ate while standing up.  It was pretty funny.

Ani ate more food than Norrin.  He wasn't happy that his pizza looked weird (they put slices of tomato and basil on top). 

Norrin's hunger didn't stop him from enjoying the art.


Da and the birthday girl in one of Todd's absolute favorite sculptures.

Norrin climbed on every sculpture he could.  They had red plaques if they didn't want you to touch it and a green one if you could.  Unfortunately, Norrin saw green as the okay to climb over every sculpture like a little monkey.

Norrin snuggles= Mama bliss.

One of these things is not like the other...

Our smiling little birthday girl, Miss Ani Rose Milligan.

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