Thursday, October 3, 2013

The First of Many Fall Adventures

On Sunday, we went to Styer's Orchard. This is my favorite place at the moment. It has all the fall activitites a kid could want for a very low price compared to Shadybrook Farms or Snipes Farm. With the exception of being careful of hayrides driving by, you can more or less let your child run free. My dear friend, Maren and her girls met us there and it was the first time that Ani Rose decided Juniper was her best friend. She wouldn't go anywhere without her. It was very sweet. It was probably the perfect way to kick off this very busy season.
My handsome little man.

Why do kids love these things so much?  Who am I kidding?  I love them, too.  Such silly fun.

Bouncing like a kangaroo.

Every time Ani fell down, Norrin would hold her hand and help her up.  Made this mama's heart super happy.

Pumpkin decorating.

Not even a kiss can distract him from the task at hand.

Maren parked a little too far away from the activities, so I met her halfway and popped Juniper in my carrier.

Maren's little pumpkin.

My kids wanted to keep exploring, but Ani Rose wanted Juniper to come with us.

There was a huge pile of hay with the sign- Photo Op, Climb at your own Risk.  My daredevils climbed to the top.  Ani is trying to convince Juniper to climb, too, but she had no interest in that craziness.

Pulling them in a wagon because they like to make me work.

Ani was mad that Da sat next to her on the hayride.  If he hadn't she would've fallen right off the back.

Eventually she smiled for me though.

Norrin picking apples.

Xyla, the world's sleepiest baby, having a rare awake moment. She's only two months old and is the tiniest little peanut I've ever seen.

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