Monday, October 21, 2013

Fox Chase Farm's Apple Fest

I heard about this a month ago and decided we should give it a try. Parking was a disaster. There is only street parking and we had to park far, far away back in one of the neighborhoods. I've never been happier to own a wagon in my life (Thank you, Aunt Lisa!). This event was very kid-oriented. Lots of little free games that they could win little gourds and pumpkins, lots of not so free games they could win little plastic toys that break in 5 seconds and pumpkin painting. They also had potato sack races, several apple treats, a bake sale, cotton candy booth, all the usual farm animals, a hayride, candle dipping and live music. It was quite the festival. Unfortunately, we didn't charge the camera and the kids were running in so many different directions...Pictures are very limited. Ani Rose passed out cold in my arms and Norrin had a full blown tantrum, so they both had more fun than they could handle.
Of course, Norrin picked the biggest pumpkin he could find.

Ani Rose saturated her pumpkin in paint.

Norrin showing off the gourds he won at one of the free games.

Mommy trying not to have a heart attack as she hauls her kids up a hill.

My two lazy little passengers.

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