Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

On Sunday, we went to Yardley to carve a pumpkin for Canal-o-ween. For this week, the town of Yardley lines the canal with these carved pumpkins. I can only imagine how lovely it must look since we haven't visited yet. Anyway, back to Sunday... Whenever I want to get Ani Rose into the car, I tell her its time to go on an adventure. Well, the past two days of adventures included wearing her monster she insisted that she wear her monster costume...again. It was a beautiful fall day, they had a little mask making craft table for the kids and after Da and Norrin carved a pumpkin, we took a walk to enjoy the cool weather, the fall leaves and visit with the ducks and geese.
Norrin carved this pumpkin all by himself under the watchful eye of Da.

Our little monster watched for about a minute before it was time to find something else to do.

Ani made a butterfly mask.

She preferred to peek out from under it rather than look through the eye holes.

Norrin's glasses helped to hold the mask away from his long eyelashes. Classic Wolverine.  Nice.

Vampire Norrin.

The usual crazy attempt at a family photo.

Reaching for leaves.

Look at all the ducks!

My wild and beautiful little Bit.

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