Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July

My brother, Thom and his girlfriend, Brittany came for a visit on 4th of July weekend. It was a truly great visit, as my brother's visits tend to go :). Norrin loves his uncle and became his little shadow for the entire weekend. Whenever Thom escaped Norrin's watchful eye, it wasn't long before Norrin would look up at me, hands up and say "un-cle?". For the 4th, we decided to check out the fireworks at Philadelphia Park Racetrack and Casino. We brought Smartfood, fruity bunnies and mint chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and found a nice place to spread out a blanket and set up some chairs. Norrin more or less attached himself to the couple sitting a few feet away from us. They had two puppies with them and Norrin loved them. He wanted to run with them, he tried walking them on their leashes (with their owner's help) and there were many hugs and kisses being handed out (of course, Norrin wasn't too happy when they tried to kiss him back). When the fireworks started after ten, Norrin was done. He had a busy day of swimming and running around and the loud fireworks were enough for him at that point. I tried to calm him down, walk a little further away, speak soothingly, but in the end, we went back to the car and watched through the window.

The beautiful sky

Eating mint chocolate chip oatmeal cookies with Thom and Brittany.

A visit from the dogs.

Norrin trying to hold them captive.

And....he's spent.

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