Monday, July 27, 2009

Yet Another Trip To New York

Last week I spent my four days off making a trip to visit my family...with my 21 month old myself. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Norrin had no interest in staying in his car seat for very long. We had to make two stops on the way there. The first rest stop, he rode the escalator at least ten times. The second stop I didn't even feel like getting out of the car, so I just let him climb back and forth between the front seat and the back seat while we ate goldfish crackers and Annie's bunny fruit snacks. This trip was really nice. My mom insisted on watching Norrin so I could go out with my dad. We went to the movies and when I got back, I was told once again what a good baby he is (guess he saves all his worst behavior for me and Todd). The next day, Thom watched Norrin while Mom and I got a manicure and pedicure. On Thursday, we spent the morning with Pop Pop Boyling and then it was back in the car for another five hour drive. Norrin had a great time. He ran all over Jay Street (great coffee and bagel place and a fabulous bookstore), played with a dog and two kitties, stayed up extra late with his uncle, had a lollipop once a day (Norrin learned very quickly where Grandpop Wayne hid his candy stash...he could seriously point at which cabinet it was in), played in the kiddie pool Mom got at a yard sale, watched all his favorite shows (I think Thom is a huge Wubbzy fan now), overfed Pop Pop's fish and just enjoyed showing off for his family. As for me, it felt good to get coffee with my dad and brother, to eat my mom's food (so yummy), tear Thom's store apart (sorry, but Norrin didn't care for the shoe arrangement), get a couple rows of knitting done and a couple of chapters in my latest book and just relax with the ones I love. The hardest part was the drive and that is only because Norrin doesn't like being strapped down for long. I was amazed how many activities we fit in the few days we were there and while I was tired from not sleeping in my own bed, I had a relaxing visit. And now for some pictures....

Norrin and I sleeping in our bed before we got on the road...Da is a little sneak with the camera :)

Norrin and his uncle...they both look truly devilish together.

Norrin and I hanging out waaaayyyy past his bedtime.

Love that smile...the result of him saying "cheese"...too funny.

Chasing up the hill after Pedro.

Norrin would yell "Drop!" in an attempt to get the dog to drop his ball. Grandmom Rose or I usually had to intervene...Norrin just wasn't threatening enough.

Norrin loved running down the hill...which gave Ma a heart attack since the pond is at the bottom of the hill.

Swimming in the kiddie pool.

Going down the slide...Yay!

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