Thursday, July 9, 2009

Christine's Wedding- June 20th

It rained the day of Christine's wedding, but it really just enhanced the lush greenery of the place she was married. The church was beautiful and the manor that was down a short path from the church was equally as fabulous. Norrin and I had a blast running and splashing in the muddy, squishy yard and Todd got some really great pictures of all the nature surrounding us. Unfortunately, we didn't get too many shots of the bride and fact, we really didn't interact with them much at all. It seemed like a whirlwind of activity and we bailed out early due to a child who hadn't napped more than 45 minutes all day. Christine looked like an absolute princess and I'm really happy for her.

Walking down the aisle...the new Mr. and Mrs. Favata.

Crazy lil boy taking a very short break on one of the steps.

Squishing our toes in the wet, wet grass.

Splashing in puddles.

Walking back to the manor.

Looking for chipmunks.

A wet, but still very functional playground.

More water...does it get any better than this :)?

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