Monday, July 27, 2009

Kitty Snuggles and Scones

At least three times a day, Norrin looks for a cat to snuggle. Its usually Rolo- he's smaller and Norrin can carry him wherever he's decided the cat snuggle location will be. I used to feel bad for Rolo, but I've realized on more than one occasion, Rolo has walked right up to Norrin when its time for a snuggle...he practically asked for it. Scout has also received quite a few snuggles from Norrin, but he's a lot heavier (fatter) than Rolo, so Norrin has to snuggle wherever Scout has planted his body for the day and that just isn't as much fun. Below is a tribute to these snuggle sessions...may there be many more to come :). I also took a picture of the scones I made. I love scones. I've ordered them from various places and I've liked just about every kind I've ever had. Some people think they're too dry, but I just love their texture. Until today, I've only ever bought them. Had I known how easy they were to make, I would have been making them much more. I used a recipe from A Homemade Life and made cherry and walnut scones. They were so yummy. Norrin and I ate two of them while they were still hot and a third one after dinner. I can't wait to make them again.

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