Sunday, November 8, 2009

And Now For An Overdose of Wubbzy

Halloween was a really great time for us (obviously from my inability to show a minimal amount of pictures). Norrin really understood what we were doing, he ran from house to house, and even when he was getting tired and his bag was dragging on the ground, he looked up at me and said "more candy". Now normally, we don't encourage this kind of gluttony, but it sure was fun for one night. Norrin ingested his weight in candy and the next day we emptied out all the unhealthy snacks and left just the pretzels and one peanut butter cup. I'm pretty sure this will be the only year we'll get away with that one :).

Getting ready to go out with Ma and Da.

The costume Ma made- fleece on a 70 degree day...what was I thinking?

Grandmom handing Norrin his candy bag. time to pose for pictures Grandmom, there's free candy to be had.

One of the first houses, Norrin hesitated...

Let's go visit Mary.

Waiting at Mary's door...still not sure what he's doing at this point.

Mary encourages him to take some candy.

He puts a piece in his bag...and then shoveled half her bowl in...sorry, we have no documentation of that since we were both "discussing" with Mary that he doesn't need that much candy.

By the fourth house, he's learned to bang on the door while saying "Knock, knock".

He's also learned that just because you knock with all your little heart, doesn't mean there will be anyone home to answer.

Dragging Ma down the steps to the next house.

The Wubbzy doll we brought just in case no one knew what Norrin was...everyone who had a kid under five knew who he was...see Norrin pointing in the background?...cute photo, Da.

Norrin dragging Da across the street.

Da and Norrin

Taking a break in Ma's arms.

Norrin in front of one of the many well-decorated homes on Holyoke.

Norrin has a lollipop...he could care less about getting any more candy.

Show us your tongue, wild man. Blue! Eeeeeewww!

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