Sunday, November 8, 2009

NY Pictures- October 22- 26

So, the day after Norrin's birthday, we took him to NY to visit my family. It was our best trip yet. The leaves were unbelievably beautiful and while it was a bit cold, there was only one day of rain. I'm pretty sure we're going to make this our new time for our annual visit. Norrin loved being outside and figured out how to differentiate between grandparents very quickly. Mom is Grandmom Bounce (she has a huge trampoline outside, plus she encouraged a whole lotta jumping on things indoors), Wayne is Pop Pop Lollipop (Norrin learned that he could ask him for a lollipop probably every night) and Dad is Pop Pop Fish (because Norrin remembers feeding his fish and insists on dumping huge handfuls of food into their tanks). We went to Jay Street for breakfast, visited the Open Door (a truly magical bookstore where I'm guaranteed to spend at least $50 on books for Norrin), went to Jeepers and played some games, spent tons of time outdoors on the trampoline, walking around, throwing rocks in the pond, Norrin had his first bonfire and his first campfire marshmallows and most importantly, he spent tons of time with family that he doesn't get to see nearly enough. These pictures don't do it justice. It was just a really great time.

Hanging out on Jay Street with Uncle and Britney.

Playing with the paper dolls in the playroom at the Open Door.

Posing with Da

Alright- time to get up and play with the leaves.

Da helping Norrin play Skee Ball.


Now its Ma's turn...let's just say the score wasn't as high when Ma helped.

Norrin's favorite- the Duck Punching Game...hmmm.

Using Ma as a step stool to get the best view.

Pop Pop's turn to play a game with Norrin- this one he had to scoop ping pong balls painted like bees into a honey pot...much harder than it sounds. The best part about this place is they win tickets no matter what and Norrin was so cute about the prizes. They were easily breakable, cheap little toys, but he pitched a fit about making sure Pop Pop had a bracelet. We were trying to leave and Norrin kept screaming "Pop Pop bracelet". Luckily, Todd found some more tickets in his pocket and we could get another bracelet, which Norrin allowed Pop Pop to wear for about two minutes before insisting he give it to Da :).

Ma and Norrin sitting in front of the fire Da made.

It was a chilly night- just enough time to toast a few marshmallows before the rain came down.

Norrin's first marshmallow...after his first bite, he looked at me and said "more marshmallow, Ma".

Sharing with Ma.

Mmmmm...straight from the stick.

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