Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Norrin's Second Birthday- Finally

My baby boy turned two on October 20th. It was a beautiful day. Da got him a huge birthday donut with sprinkles and we took him to Styer's Orchard to run off his sugar high. Norrin had a great time and we couldn't have asked for better weather. Afterwards, we went to Todd's parents' house for a birthday dinner and ice cream cake. I wish I had pictures of this. Rita and Joseph got party hats, which Norrin insisted everyone wear. He even tried to get one on the dog...poor Max. He ate dinner at the table between me and Grandmom. Of course, he doesn't just focus on his plate. Every once and awhile a little hand would reach over to either my plate or Grandmom's and help himself to a noodle. Rita taught him how to blow out the candle before it was lit, so he was a pro by the time we lit it and sang "Happy Birthday". He loved all of us singing to him and he LOVED his cake. This child would live on ice cream if his mama let him. He kept sticking his fingers in the cake and savoring every little taste :). Despite the mass quantities of sugar, he went to bed without a fuss. It was a really great day.

Norrin and Da

Norrin and Ma on the tractor ride to the orchard

Picking apples... Ma tried to teach Norrin to place them gently, but he preferred to slam dunk those puppies.

Our beautiful boy

We saw this groundhog and Norrin took after him at top speed. My fearless child wanted to pet it! Uhhh...its not a kitty cat, kid. Back away from the wild animal.

Walking through the orchard with Ma

Picking stones to throw in the pond

Throwing stones with Da

Time for kisses.

Running back to the tractor.

Norrin was the first one on.

Posing with the pumpkinsHelping Ma pull our goodies to the car.

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