Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Kids Are Alright

The first day was rough...on all of us. I spent the whole day thinking I forgot to do something. Did I put the car in park? Am I wearing underwear? Is my case set up properly? Norrin cried when I wasn't there in the morning and both kids were weepy that night. It was all very dramatic. But on Friday, things went a little bit better. Ani was a little cranky, but that's because she's started teething (she's trying to win the tooth race and get a tooth before Norrin who got his first teeth at 4 1/2 months). Norrin was happy and I worked hard at dividing my attention between two mommy-deprived kids. So, everyone felt loved and it was a relatively peaceful evening. Of course, next week we get to do it for four days in a row instead of two...that should be interesting.

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