Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Sleepy Family

The family and I are taking these lazy days of summer quite literally. The weekends have had their adventures, but the pace has definitely been slower. My mom is watching Ani on the days I go to work and it has been wonderful. I don't worry about my baby because she's with family who loves her and as an added bonus, my home is becoming more clean and more organized than its ever been. My mom is helping me purge a lot of unnecessary things. The best and most necessary change of the weekend was Sunday's major cleaning and emptying of the bedroom. Norrin had a severe allergy attack. He had been wheezing in his sleep for a few days and Sunday morning he woke up with a croupy cough, unable to catch his breath. After a trip to the ER, a nebulizer treatment and some breakfast :), I began the thorough cleaning of our room. Bed linens and curtains were washed, furniture was moved, there was sweeping and dusting and pillowcases received new covers. He still sounds raspy at night, but its improving. Todd, who's always had allergies, says he can feel the improvement and that makes me happy. So, its back to work today for 4 days in a row. Thank goodness for those lazy summer weekends :).

Ani Rose smiling up at Da.

The perfect way to spend a Sunday...baby snuggling.

No more pictures, please.

Sleepy baby, sleepy Da.

Norrin and Ani watching morning cartoons.

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