Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On The Farm

We spent Fourth of July weekend in NY. I drove up to NY with both kids by myself on Friday and it went really well. I chose Ani's sleepy day and started the drive at 10am (which is the start time of her first and longest nap). Norrin watched Tangled and the only part that was high anxiety was when I needed to take us into a rest area to use the bathrooms. Todd joined us on Saturday evening. We enjoyed the outdoors, bounced on Grandmom Jump's trampoline, had a couple outdoor fires for toasting marshmallows, hunted frogs, went to yard sales and playgrounds and squeezed as much quality time in with our far away family as we could. Norrin fought bedtime every night, Ani was asleep by 9:30 at the latest every night and Todd and I wished we could have slept in at least a little bit past sunrise each morning :). Grandmom Jump made some delicious food, Pop Pop Lollipop got to spend some quality time with his newest grandchild and Pop Pop Fish climbed some scary playground equipment with Norrin (really have to get those photos off Todd's cell phone :)). The drive back wasn't so nice. I decided against my better judgement to leave on 4th of July with Todd. It was not Ani's sleepy day and we didn't leave until late afternoon. Ani cried for all, but 45 minutes of the 5 hour drive. We stopped 4 times to try and calm her down- nurse her, burp her, change her diaper. Then, we gave up. She cried for the entire length of 206, which is about 40 minutes. Then, she stopped by the time we got to I-95, but she wouldn't go to sleep. She sat there, mad as could be until we got home. Norrin whined and cried for most of 206, as well, but fell asleep almost as soon as we got on I-95. The visit certainly had its ups and downs, but at least I know if timed well, I can do it all by myself.

Norrin and Ani watching Fraggle Rock on the one super rainy day.
Hay bales...lots of hay bales.

Norrin bouncing on the trampoline with Uncle and Brittany.

Pop Pop Lollipop on his tractor.

Little Miss Ani Rose.

Thom by the fire.

Ani's Fourth of July dress.

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