Thursday, October 27, 2011

New York, I Love You...

I was really dreading the idea of getting in the car for another five hour drive with my darling little devils, but they did really well with the whole thing. And there's just something so wonderful about New York in October. The temperature is just right, the leaves are absolutely stunning and my mom's soups are calling me :). I drove up on a Thursday and Todd drove up Friday night after work. Todd got up early on Saturday and took his usual morning stroll around the farm. He took so many beautiful photos (as usual) that it was almost impossible to pick. So, bare with me with the photo heavy post :).

Trees on the farm.
One of Norrin's favorite features- the hammock swing.

Kisses for Ani Rose.

This one was had to be looks like we're posed in front of one of those fake photo backgrounds, but this was just taken during one of our walks.

Norrin running back to hunt for frogs.

Another picture from our walk. So beautiful.

Loved the composition of this photo. Just shows how slow and peaceful our morning walk was.

Lots of great textures for Ani to get her hands on.

Back in that darn swing!

Norrin running back to the house.

Ani and Da.

Todd and I in our usual snugly picture. Its pretty much a required photo these days.

Me and Ani on the porch of my childhood home, aka Pop Pop Fish's house.

Norrin picking all of Pop Pop Fish's daisies.

Ani chowing down at the Cheesecake Factory.

The captain insano car ramp Norrin got from Pop Pop Fish for his birthday.

Ani in the playroom. Love that crazy hair!

Another amazing picture by the pond.

Norrin pushing Colleen in the swing.

Norrin bouncing on the trampoline.

Norrin and Colleen bouncing :).

And we'll end with three gorgeous photos Todd took on another walk around the farm.

Proof of how secluded the farm is.

So much to explore.

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