Saturday, October 22, 2011


So, on October 20th, Ani was officially 6 months old. Yes, this is an important milestone, but unfortunately for her, her 6th month falls exactly on Norrin's birthday. So, we said "Happy half-birthday, Ani", then proceeded to focus all our attention on the squeakier wheel (aka Norrin). Prior to this giant milestone, we started letting her sample some solids at dinnertime. She wanted what we were eating, but spaghetti with spicy sauce would be a bit much for her palate. So, we started with the basics- sweet potatoes, banana, rice cereal, etc. She loves it. A natural born foodie :). She gets her own spoon and Mama has hers and we go to town. She's quite good at getting the spoon in her mouth, as long as there's no pesky food to weigh it down.

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