Monday, October 3, 2011

Vacation September 10-17, 2011

This post is very picture heavy. We went on vacation in Stone Harbor, NJ and it was a wonderful, exhausting, busy, fun, occasionally relaxing, but mostly crazy week :). During the week, Todd and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. Anyway, it took me long enough to get these pictures up, so I won't burden this post with too many words.

Welcome to Stone Harbor!

Two of the most beautiful people I know.

The view off one of the three balconies of the home we rented. This was our backyard.

We played a lot of Jenga.

And Norrin used the blocks for building all sorts of cool castles, trains and buildings.

There was a trip to the Cape May County Zoo where Norrin hugged a bear...

Fed some goats...

And posed with a bobcat.

Ani was just along for the usual.

Sunset at the house was really amazing.

And, of course, there was plenty of beach time.

Ani had her toes dipped.

We dressed her like a little Amish baby since she still is too young for sunscreen...although I did put a little on those chunky legs of hers :).

Norrin made friends and she was at the beach two of the days that we were. They were only a month apart in age and they both loved digging in the sand and playing in the ocean. This gave Todd and I the freedom to cater to Ani.

A man was nice enough to take this picture. All of our pictures on the beach turned out great because there weren't crowds of people there. It gave us some beautiful backdrops.

Da on the deck with his happy little girl.

Breakfast in Cape May.

There's this wonderful organic cafe where you eat at tables set up in an eclectic little garden. Ani had just woken up from a nap and wasn't quite sure what the heck was going on.

We did some shopping in Cape May, then when we decided to go to lunch, Ani decided it was time for nap number two :).

We went to a nice Mexican restaurant...again, where you can eat outside...and Norrin ordered a hamburger. He was pretty happy about his food choice :).

There was miniature golf.

Norrin had to start dancing.

And acting like a wild man.

And this is where he gets it from.

Another great Norrin face.

Trying to scare Mommy and Ani. She loves him so much!

The last day got a little cold. Luckily, I brought along some of my knitted goodness for me and the little girl.

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