Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

This is Norrin running and Ani and I are the blurs in the background. This was the pace he maintained for his entire trick-or-treating experience. He ran so fast, he tripped...more than once.

Every set of stairs, I held my breath. He was so excited...was he paying attention to each step? Ani was all smiles watching her big brother run around as happy as can be.

The first house gave us animal crackers...a bag for Norrin and a bag for Ani. She isn't ready for an animal cracker yet, but the bag they came in kept her entertained for half a block.

There were many times that Norrin had to empty his little black cat candy bag to make room for more candy. A very rare occasion when Norrin was actually standing close enough to us for a picture.

Ani eventually grew tired of sitting in the stroller and decided the view would be much better in her mama's arms.

This is Rita and Joseph's house. They spent their Halloween exactly how I would've liked it- in a dark house, not opening the door for anyone. But since that's how I choose to spend my daily existence, one night out and socializing didn't kill me...mostly because Todd did all the socializing :).

And here's what a crawling baby looks like.

Halloween really is Norrin's favorite holiday. I have never enjoyed asking strangers for candy. Even with the scripted dialogue, I'm uncomfortable with the whole thing. So, I've had to break out of my shell a little bit more and embrace this candy coated day of craziness. Norrin negotiated for 5 pieces of candy that night, but then only chose to eat 2. He watched one Halloween special, we read 2 Halloween books and we were in bed by 9 pm. Ani has been getting a little power nap around 7:30, then staying up until 10 pm the past few nights. But she's pleasant and she's too busy perfecting her motor skills to bother with anyone, so I knit :). As of 2 days ago, she's started trying to pull up on the furniture. She hasn't figured out how to do this, but she paws at the couch like a little puppy and if you help her stand, she smiles like she won the biggest prize in the universe.

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