Friday, November 4, 2011

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Todd was looking through some photos and he found a zip drive with some pictures that my brother, Norrin's beloved "Uncle" took. Norrin can't be any older than one and a half to two years old in most of these pictures. It was a really great surprise to find a few more pictures documenting our adventures.

Norrin and Mommy at the farm.

Norrin and Mommy at the Please Touch Museum.

Norrin's favorite game for a while- Stickers on the Face.

Norrin at the Philadelphia Zoo.

At a gas station in upstate NY...being goofy for the camera at an early age :).

Punching ducks game at Jeepers.

Squishing spiders game at Jeepers...a lot of animal cruelty games...hmmm, maybe that's why they closed.

Bouncing with Da at Jeepers.

Smooch break for Mommy.

Never happier than when he's bouncing...should have named him Tigger.

Winter walk with Da.

Mac-n-cheese at Friendly's.

Da in the snow.

Attack of the killer dinosaur...Spike was a gift from Pop Pop Fish.

Knick knack, patty whack give your dinosaur a bone.

Norrin in his super cute stripey jammies trying to figure out Jacob's Ladder.

Snuggling with Rolo.My beautiful boy.

Breaking the rules at an early age at the Camden Adventure Aquarium.

Ice cream at Friendly's. Yum.

Playing with Da.

In Center City with Pop Pop Fish.

Hope you enjoyed this short walk down memory lane. I can't get over how much Norrin has grown.

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