Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This Thanksgiving was a little busy for us. Todd played his usual football game with his childhood friends in the morning and then we went to two different places that were not even remotely close to one another. The first stop was Grandmom Meatball's. She made one of the best meals I can remember in the almost 13 years I've known Todd. Ani Rose was a big fan of the turnips, although the cranberry sauce was a close second. Norrin refused to eat. He was only planning on eating at our second stop, his friend Henry's house. However, even there I had to sit next to him and convince him to try at least one bite of everything. Between running around, wrestling and barely eating anything all day, Nor must have been the only one to lose weight on Thanksgiving. It was really nice to spend time with family and friends, but we were truly exhausted in the end. Poor lil Ani was the most vocal about her busy day- she cried on and off almost the entire one hour drive from Amy's house to ours and then proceeded to stay awake until 11:30 pm just to remind me that she is to be asleep in the comfort of her own home no later than 9 pm. Norrin was ready to do it all again the next day...crazy child.

Ani and Mommy on the way into Grandmom's.

Norrin bringing a little of Mommy's pumpkin spice bread to Grandmom Meatball.

Norrin and Ani playing with some building blocks.

The architect at work.

Posing by his masterpiece.

Ani was so tired at the dinner table, we thought Uncle Jimmy was going to put her to sleep with the soothing forehead rub.

Norrin pretending to eat a turkey leg very little barbarian.

Two out of three Borrelli children greeted us (blocked our entry to their home).

Amy pouring coffee- the most necessary part of our meal because the turkey sure didn't slow Norrin and Henry down.

Ed showing just how refined he can be :). Love this picture.

Ani nursing herself to sleep on a mama who wishes she could be sleeping, too.

Our beautiful, sleepy girl.

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