Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh, Ani Rose!

So, for weeks I've been explaining to friends and family members about the terror that Ani Rose has become. I believe I've used the term "one woman wrecking crew" on more than one occasion. To prove my point, I have documented her craziness. The following pictures all happened in less than one hour (she's very efficient in her destruction).

Norrin insisted in rearranging the dining room chairs and step stool to be next to each other. He meant for it to be this way so he could climb. Well, his sister believed this was for her benefit.

Up the step stool...
Short pit stop to play with a plate...

Across the two chairs to destroy whatever project her brother was just working on.

There was also a point when she climbed onto the middle of the table and started throwing markers all over the place. I swear I had turned my back for a second to put the camera down when that happened. She is very quick.

And below is how the bookshelf looks. I honestly have not bothered to clean this up yet. Todd and I are in discussions about finding a new location for this bookshelf and truthfully, I have cleaned up this corner more times than I care to say. We'll just say its in the double digits. This is one example of the havoc Ani Rose has caused in every single corner of our home. Nothing is safe. And no one is invited to our house until she moves on from this phase :).

See how blurry she is in this photo...that's because she's moving on to emptying a cabinet of all its dishware...but only after she's thrown paper from Norrin's art cart all over half of the dining room.

Yup, that's our messy, crazy life. I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. I am blessed with this mess and the lovely little girl who's made it :).

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