Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This Weekend We...

Spent some quality time with Da.
Enjoyed the great outdoors.

Paused the action to give Mommy flowers for her hair.

Watched from the sidelines.

As our big boy Norrin Radd played some soccer.

Stole Norrin's water bottle for teething purposes.

Got it back just in time and he was none the wiser :).

Played on the playground.

Slid down the slide with a little help from Mommy.

Laughed with the joy and excitement of a new experience.

Fully embraced our crazy silliness.

And pet a polar bear.

I love the weekends when Todd doesn't have to work. There's a genuinely happier vibe to our days off together. The weather has been so beautiful and all of us have been taking full advantage of it. Norrin loved playing soccer outside, Ani may or may not have ingested a little bit of nature and I have a deep love for knitting outside (and inside...and standing in line while waiting to be seated at a restaurant...okay, nevermind). Todd, of course, was the main photographer of our weekend and its the best surprise to see what shots he was able to get of our beautiful babies. Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend, too.

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