Thursday, March 7, 2013

New York- March 3, 2013

Our last morning in New York.  It was lightly snowing and I was joking that it looked like it was accumulating and we should probably just stay there one more day.  Ani Rose woke up a little less congested than she was the day before.  She was still (and continues to be) very clingy to her mama, but soon my turn will be over and she'll start clinging to Todd again. 

 We had been using a bulb suction...or the Snot Sucker, as I call it.  Ani found it...
 And tried to use it on one of Grandmom Jump's cats. 
 There was one last chance to play in the snow.  It was really windy and cold.  Somehow, we managed to convince Ani to get in her snowsuit.  No one fights proper outdoor attire like Ani Baby Rose.
 There was more swinging.  Alone...
 And together.

 Then, we had to go.  It took us a very long time to get home since the kids required three stops.  These were pictures taken at the last stop...a farmstand in Princeton, NJ.  Ani had a complete freakout and we needed to stop...even though there was only about 40 minutes left in our drive. 

After some outdoor air and a good stretch of our legs, we got in the car and drove home with no further incident.

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