Thursday, March 7, 2013

New York- March 2, 2013

On this day, we spent most of our time with Pop Pop Fish.  He took us to IHOP for breakfast.  Unfortunately, Norrin snacked until it was time to go and was only willing to have a couple sips of orange juice and some small bits of fruit.  Yes, we've reached the phase where he insists that he'll still have room for whatever meal is approaching...and then he snacks and snacks...and then he realizes he doesn't have room.

Like every kid, Ani Rose spent her time at the table playing with the syrups.

 After IHOP, we went to Target because Norrin talked his Pop Pop into one toy.  Well, he picked the biggest Star Wars Angy Birds Jenga building set he could get his hands on.  Ani Rose liked the popper toy...even though we already have one, Pop Pop got her another, so races like the one below can occur all over our house :). 
 Ani Rose had been feeling sick all morning, so she fell asleep on the way to Uncle's apartment and stayed asleep most of the time we were hanging out there. 
 Norrin built while Ani slept.  He got frustrated with how easy it falls down and started to cry and I have to give extra bonus points to Uncle because he said exactly the best thing.  He said its okay to cry and that its hard to do new things.  He also encouraged him gently to try again.  Then we made Da build one and it fell down and we all laughed at Da :).  Crisis over.
 Norrin also got an old fashioned pinball game from the little bookstore, The Open Door, that we have to visit every time we're in town. 
 And Ani Rose just came along for the ride :).

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