Friday, March 29, 2013

Shadybrook Farms

We went to Shadybrook Farms because they had an Easter egg hunt and a slew of other activities for the kids to do.  There were all sorts of things to climb and bounce on and the Easter bunny was there.  For $8 a kid, they received bags for their eggs, access to all the bouncy things and a wagon ride to the "hunting grounds".  The only downside was Ani's sleep schedule had been painfully off that day because for some reason she wanted to stay up until midnight the night before.  So, she was a little more grouchy than usual and extremely clingy.  Once again, its those kind of days that I'm grateful for my carrier.  That thing saves my back on a daily basis.  

Anyway, here's Norrin bouncing on these giant pillow things.  It was pretty cool and he had a blast.

 Ani was okay saying "Hello, Bunny" from a distance, but the second we got close she tried to push away and said, "No, no, no".
 So, only Norrin got a picture with the Bunny.
 As we waited for the wagon to take us to the egg hunt, Ani Rose stole both their bags.  We didn't have proper documentation, but she screamed and cried bloody murder when her brother wanted his back.
 On the wagon ride, she stuffed her bear in the bag.  She's really loving the color blue right now, so this bright turquoise bear is her new favorite to carry around.  Of course, the favorites change on a weekly basis.
 I know we have more pictures somewhere, but for now this is the one little picture of Norrin egg hunting.  They're probably on the other camera, which has yet to be charged. 
 This giant spiderweb trampoline was pretty cool.

 Norrin, Ani Rose and her bear really liked it :).

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