Thursday, March 7, 2013

New York- March 1, 2013

Friday was spent at Mom and Wayne's house, getting ready for Colleen to come over for a Pajama Party.  Since Norrin and Ani were missing pajama day at school, it was a nice excuse to get the kids and their parents together for a meal.  I took the early part of the afternoon to go to my favorite yarn store in Altamont.  Ani Rose was none to happy about it, but Da distracted her by going on a kitty cat hunt.  They like to hide behind the washer and dryer because there's a direct route to the basement there.  Well, I'm not sure how many kitty treats my kids threw back there, but I'm sure it was more than a handful :).

We're going on a kitty hunt, we're going to find a big one, we're not scared, what a beautiful day.

 That's not a real kitty, Norrin Radd.
 Norrin, being so very Norrin.

 Ani decided she wanted to go outside.
 But she wouldn't wear her coat, so I threw a fleece nightgown over her flimsy owl one.

 Eventually, Norrin needed to bring her a blanket.

 Cupcakes were made and only the frosting was eaten by one person in particular.

 That was immediately followed by a bath.
 Time for Mommy kisses.
 And Mommy splashes.

 Colleen came over and they did arts and crafts.
 Posed for the camera. 
 Ani tried to get in the action by brushing her hair...with Barbie brushes.
 Colleen fought for a picture of just her...
 then Norrin fought for a picture of just him.
 Then they stopped fighting and posed nicely.

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