Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today has been a list of firsts...first, I put Norrin in front of the TV (bad mommy), he's napping on his own. Since the day he was born, my son has napped in my lap or his daddy's lap. We both thought we just didn't want to lose out on that snuggle time. I spent hours away from him when he was first born and I just didn't want to let him go once I got ahold of him. Now that he's 10 months old, I realized that maybe I should teach him to nap on his own. So, I still snuggled him and let him nurse himself to sleep, but when I was sure he was asleep...I tiptoed away. He's been asleep 20 minutes. I guess I thought he'd sense I left him and be awake in less than 10 much for that. As for my new free time, I was intending to use it for a cup of tea and some light reading, but instead I loaded the dishwasher and wiped down Norrin's highchair. Pretty exciting around here!

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