Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The First Message

So, I guess I should blame my doula for this whole thing. I read her updates on her family and loved the idea. So, we'll start with a very quick update. Norrin is 10 months old. He likes to climb...everything. He can't walk yet, but he's a very accomplished climber. So, our home is now a fortress of gates that vary in size to fit our stairways. Not that it matters...our child climbs chairs, couches, dressers, hampers...basically anything that will hold still long enough. As for Todd, he is loving parenthood. I've never seen someone so happy to come home to his unruly family. We must be something pretty special...or his job is far more hellish than I realized. While he miraculously seems to avoid most poopy diapers, he is completely hands on with his son. And since I'm working three twelve hour shifts most weekends, he has certainly had to step in as a full-time parent. We are all happy and healthy. Now, I have to go...Norrin is determined to shove an entire ping pong ball into his mouth...left over from Daddy's Beer Pong Days :).

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