Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back To Work

Its 5:45 am and I haven't had to get up this early in 19, I need coffee. Today is the start of 3 twelve hour shifts in a row. It was nice to have a vacation and I'm not looking forward to going back to work...but I'm sure I'm not unique on that one. Todd will be watching Norrin, which is always an adventure. Once, Todd fed him rice pudding for dinner. On more than a few occasions I've come home to a dirty, crying baby in need of a diaper change (in Todd's defense, it was because he was trying to get dinner ready before I got home). A couple times they haven't even been here...and I get home at 8:45 pm. Anyone who knows me knows I have an overactive imagination and I pretty much put myself into a total breakdown before they pulled into the driveway, safe and sound from a trip to the grocery store. While I'd rather be home with my boys, I love to hear about their day. It almost always involves a nap together followed by an adventure to visit some family member or a trip to Target...Norrin always does better with a trip out into the world...he's such a people person. I can't wait to hear how Norrin surprised Daddy with all the things he can grab off the table or how if the gate at the bottom of the stairs isn't secured in both places, how Norrin opened the door and took a journey up the stairs. When Todd has such a long break from a full day with Norrin, there's always some surprise. But that's the joy of parenting such a curious little guy and we wouldn't change it for anything. So, I will finish my morning routine, nurse my baby boy one more time, kiss my husband and rejoin the working world.

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