Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dinner And Dessert

Corn on the cob...

and chocolate ice cream.

*I bribed Norrin inside with ice cream...we were outside interrupting Da while he tried to put up the last of our privacy slats. I gave him his ice cream in a cup with a spoon. He started out with the spoon, then lost it somewhere in his travels. No problem...he tilted the cup and "drank" the last of the ice cream. The picture above is Norrin eating my ice cream. The lil bugger ran out to the kitchen, grabbed a new spoon out of the drawer (because he knows which drawer is which now) and started scooping massive mouthfuls out of my bowl. This is what happens when you ingest a daily helping of ice cream every day of your cream-addicted child...there should be a PSA about this.

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