Friday, June 5, 2009

Its Been Too Long

So, I realize I'm slacking on my blogging duties, but we have had lots to do and this mama hasn't really made it a priority :). Todd took the week off last week and my mom came to visit this week. If I hadn't been called off of work again today this wouldn't be happening. Yes...our number of cases are down and I've made it clear...if you don't need me on a Friday, I will be happy to stay home :). Norrin has been thriving under these conditions...apparently, he likes having us around. His vocabulary is getting more expansive...he said pickle...or rather "pick" the other day and that's the first time he's requested that by name. "Straw" for strawberry and "cheese" for, well, cheese, but never "pick". He was also telling me about a dog, but I thought he said "da"...I started to explain that Da is at work and he said, "No! Woof!", so his communication is getting better too...and I'm looking like the foolish mama who can't understand her own child. My mother's visit was fun and too short. Norrin enjoyed playing with her. He was a little rough with her...probably because she sounds just like me, but all in all they had a good time. Nothing made him laugh more than trying to find her in Walmart. He loves a good game of hide and seek and while my mom was mostly just shopping, he got a kick out of it when she'd disappear. When he "found" her, he'd scream a high pitch scream and go charging towards her. Then, he'd shove at her legs as his way to tell her to go hide again. I also spent a day on Fabric Row with my mom. We left the house extra early...the easiest way to sneak away from a possessive little boy...and spent the whole day shopping. Todd took the day off, which I am so grateful for. I got my hair trimmed, found a cute little dress for my friend, Christine's wedding, got some beautiful fabric and some fantastic yarn, had a great time with my mom and returned to my crazy son and loving husband a little more exhausted, but rested and ready to be "Ma!" again. I have way too many knitting projects in my lap...just the way I like it...and I'm taking on the challenge of making overalls for Norrin in a brown gingham...we'll see how that goes :). Other than that, Todd is having back surgery on the 22nd, which is not convenient at all. I don't know who can watch our little guy...I may have to take him with me and try to the best of my abilities to keep him entertained while Todd's in surgery. Todd wants me to drop him off, but I can't do that. I need to know that surgery went okay, that he recovered well and that he's resting comfortably in his room. I'm happy that he's getting surgery since his pain has been pretty much constant for over a year, but it would have been much better if we could have gotten the 29th as our surgery date. Oh, well. We'll work it out somehow...even if I have to bribe my child with ice cream from the cafeteria :). The most important part is that Todd feels better. So, that's the short version of what's been going on around here. I'll try to get some pictures on soon...Norrin's face looks much better...his scars are fading a little bit and his lip isn't fat (at the moment). Our day is looking pretty gloomy so I'm not sure if I'll get any good look so much nicer with good, natural light.

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