Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some Simple Thank You's

Todd's surgery went really well...the best it could have gone actually. So, I just want to thank a few people. Thank you to his surgical team- Jen, Heather, Dr. Yoon, Tom, Pat and Suzanne...his surgery was quick and efficient and we're looking forward to a good recovery. Thank you to Ellen in PACU for keeping my hubby comfortable post-op and calling me up to sit beside him...even though family isn't really allowed in the recovery room :). Thank you to the nurses taking care of him on 3W...since we can't camp out with him, I appreciate everything they do to keep him comfortable, get him moving and point him in the right direction for quick healing. And now on to the family...thank you to my dad for watching Norrin for hours while I waited for Todd. I was so nervous waiting for even the simplest details and it was good to know that Norrin was with Pop Pop, watching Blue's Clues and eating graham crackers. Thank you to Jimmy and Carolyn for stopping by and making Todd laugh. He loved your visit and it was so considerate of you to drive over there when we know there's about a hundred more fun things to be doing :). And thank you to Rita and Joseph for allowing Todd to recover at their house. Todd was dreading having to climb our stairs and we know that he will receive an extra dose of love and compassion from the woman who refers to him as "my Todd" :). There are many other people who prayed for us and focused all their hopes for a speedy recovery (Todd's Bank Family being one of them) and just helped out in simple ways- a phone call, a text message, sat with me for a few minutes (Megan)...I'm grateful for every little bit. We are so blessed to have so much love and support, so thank you so much.

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