Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another Day at the Please Touch Museum

My brother, aka Uncle, came to visit this weekend. Since he has a full time job, it was a short visit, but we packed a whole lot of fun in one day.

A picture of my two crazy munchkins...Ani is hoarding some of my yarn, as usual and Norrin is starting his day with a healthy breakfast of fruity snacks :(.

Norrin and Da when we first got to the Please Touch Museum. The building they let these kids run loose in is just amazing.

Love this picture...taken by Uncle.

Da attacking Norrin...I think he really means it :).

Norrin doing some art work with Uncle.

Ani and I found a quiet corner with plenty of baby appropriate toys for her to play with.

My beautiful girl...

Todd took lots of pictures of her to get the best shots of the mama-made hat.

Besides, who can resist taking so many pictures of such a happy little girl.

Our wild little family.

Yes, it was a good day.

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