Thursday, January 12, 2012

Craft Therapy

Whenever things feel a little out of control, sometimes I feel a whole lot better if I immerse myself in something crafty. And sometimes, just sometimes, I decide it needs to be sewing. I have made a grand total of three things for Norrin on my sewing machine. I made him pajama pants from a pillowcase, overalls and a wow wow wubbzy costume. All of these items have turned out as good as can be expected from a beginner seamstress...totally wearable, many visible mistakes hidden by the cuteness of the kid wearing them. My mom gave me a wonderful new sewing machine...awhile ago...and it wasn't until today that I decided to use it. Its been one of those days where I've been feeling overwhelmed, under the weather and just plain blah and knitting wasn't going to cut it. I needed instant gratification. I needed to accomplish something I could see and hold...and that something had to be something I could put on our beautiful baby girl, the fabulous Miss Ani Rose. Unfortunately, I don't have the actual baby here to model it for us, so just the pajama pants will have to do for now.

These are the back with a lil bit of contrast fabric at the top.
And these are the front.

Cute, quick and simple...done in less than 2 hours. Now its almost time to pick up the kiddos and with that, I will have the lovely Miss Ani Rose hide all the flaws in her mama's sewing in a few perfectly modeled, most likely blurry pictures.

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