Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011

On Christmas morning, I heard Norrin slide out of bed and make his way to the staircase. He tiptoed to about halfway down the stairs and I listened to the silence that I knew was him taking it all in. He quickly ran back up the stairs and said, "Mommy! Santa came!" I sat up in bed and looked at his perfect, happy, excited little face. It was one of those beautiful moments that I hope will be burned into my brain forever because there's nothing more wonderful than the face of a 4 year old on Christmas.

We all got out of bed and began the craziness of Christmas morning. Norrin opened gifts for him and Ani. He draped a tag on Ani which was just too cute.

I've never seen him open gifts so quickly.

Even Ani got in the spirit of it.

What a crazy, fun, magical morning.

Then, it was off to Grandmom Meatball for more gifts. Norrin knew about the gifts a week in advance and once the Santa gifts were all open and sufficiently played with, he started nagging us to go to Todd's parents' house. Rita spoiled the kiddos rotten and then fed us a delicious meal.

Rita and Ani Rose.

An easel for our little artist.

Kisses from one very happy boy.

The rest of our day was spent at Stevie's house, aka Uncle Millsy. Norrin loves playing with Connor...even though it can be a bit of a love/hate relationship :), Aunt Anne Marie always has a table full of sweets that Norrin can't keep his hands off of and Ani Rose was showered in attention and loved every minute of it. A very busy and very fun day.

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