Monday, June 25, 2012

Yardley Canal Festival

Saturday was the Yardley Canal Festival.  We went last year when Ani Rose was just 2 months old.  Its a small festival with music and just enough vendors to keep the kidlets entertained for a couple hours.  Last year, Ani Rose slept through most of it while Norrin threw about a million rocks in the water.  This year, Ani Rose dragged me up and down the path, screaming and pointing at every dog, dancing to the music that was played and being the main source of entertainment for the vendors sitting at the table.  She stole the show.  Everyone was impressed with how well she held up.  So much walking on a hot day, but she was pleasant with smiles for everyone.  Norrin just wanted to collect as much as he could.  Catch bugs, get a balloon, get some bubbles, make some crafts.  Todd's bank had a table where they decorated visors.  Norrin put as many stickers on his hat as it could hold and he wore it proudly. 

Customers Bank was one of the sponsors.

Customers Bank's fearless leader :) and my handsome husband.

Their table that was also our main camp.  We made frequent stops for water, juice, snacks and candy.

The decorated ducks table.

This would be about the 20th walk to where they were playing music.  It was bluegrass and Ani Rose loved it.  I have to get the video of her dancing off of Todd's phone. She stole a million hearts with her fancy dance moves :).

Norrin...making one of his many demands of the day.  This is when he wanted to find some kids to blow bubbles with because apparently, he believes that is a team sport.  The little turtle in his hand is actually bubbles.  The head pops off and that's where the wand is.  Pretty cool.

The boat parade:

Banana split boat.

Dragonfly boat.

Popeye and Olive.

Flower boat.

Yellow submarine.

And this one was just cute to me :).

Convincing Norrin that it was time to go wasn't too hard at this point.  We had visited every table five times and he had a balloon and bubbles. 

I just had to throw Ani Rose on my back and gather up our stuff.

Pack mule mama.

It was a long walk back to the car because someone had to blow bubbles the entire way.

Ani Rose looks peppy here, but she actually passed out on my back and was sleeping when I slid her off my back and into her car seat.  She slept for 3 and a half hours after this busy day.

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