Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Da's Day

Todd's not going to appreciate this picture, but its a testament to how much fun he is with the kiddos.  They love him so much.  Ani Rose cries if he doesn't say hi to her first when he comes home from work.  Norrin asks me about a hundred times a day when will Da be home.  If it were up to the kids, Da's only job would be to play with them...all day, every day.  While work can keep Todd away from us far longer than we care for, he makes up for his absence.  He plays with them, feeds them, changes diapers, reads to them, snuggles them, goes for walks, swims with them, teaches them, talks to them...the list goes on and on.  Happy Father's Day to the best Da a kid could ask for.

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