Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Sweater Knit Along


Yes, I just can't resist all the KAL's that the lovely Shannon from luvinthemommyhood puts together.  I made a sweater last year during her KAL...

This year I'm knitting a pullover and this is the first time I knit a gauge swatch to make sure that the measurements of the pattern will match with what I'm knitting.  I hate knitting gauge swatches.  They're boring little squares that seem to take far longer than they should.  But they are important boring little squares.  I have high hopes that this pullover will fit me better than any of the projects where I just kind of winged it. I picked a gorgeous rust colored yarn that will be perfect for the fall.  And maybe I'll pose with Ani Rose again.  She's not quite as small any more, but she gets cuter every day :).

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Passionate Design said...

Yay for KAL's! I love that pattern and hope to knit it up one day. But for now I'm hopelessly obsessed with my Umbrellas :)