Monday, June 4, 2012

The Fantastic Final Four

Yes, there were only four more photos I needed to post for this photo challenge and I'm only late by a handful of days, so it really wasn't too bad.

May 28, 2012 The Weather Today

It was Memorial Day and it was hot, hot, hot.  The kids and I went to Yardley to watch the parade.  Da and his bank hand out water for free.  The kids helped.  Norrin really got into handing out pinwheels and bottles of water.  Ani Rose decided she would just work on eating the ice out of the baby pool that the water was sitting in.

May 29, 2012 A Number

The most important number of the month is 40.  Yes, Todd's birthday was 6 days ago, but with it being a work day and Norrin recovering from surgery, it just didn't feel like I celebrated it the way I usually do (I think I'm the only one that goes this crazy for birthdays).  I would have made every one of his favorite meals, sent him to a comic book store or someplace else for some time to himself or wandered Grounds for Sculpture or the Rodin Museum together as a family.  Luckily, Rita made us a lovely dinner and got his favorite cake- strawberry shortcake.  Thank goodness for Todd's mom to pick up the slack for me on that one :).

May 30, 2012 Your Personality

Oh, where to begin?  Todd has taken many pictures that have given us glances at the goofball that I am.  Probably best to just leave it at the few that are here.  Now you all know just what he has to contend with.  May God have mercy on his soul.

May 31, 2012 Something Beautiful

You knew it was coming...more pictures of my beautiful kids.  I love working in the garden with Norrin.  He tells me he likes bugs because its science.  He can dig forever looking for rolly pollies, earthworms and beetles.  And Ani Rose with strawberry all over her face is just too darn cute for words. 

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