Friday, June 8, 2012

My Little Graduate

Wednesday was Norrin's graduation from preschool to pre-K.

This was my sad attempt to keep his very active sister tethered in one place during his performance.

 She was good until the very end.  Then I had to set her free.
 The wall with the speakers was really fascinating to her for some reason.
 Rita was able to be there for Norrin's special day.
 They sang the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song, the Wheels on the Bus, Old Macdonald and Pre-K, Pre-K, Here We Come.  They had the cutest hats and they had signs for Mickey Mouse and animals on the other side for Old Macdonald.
 And they had choreography for Pre-K, Pre-K, Here We Come :).
 Norrin had a fierce march, like going into Pre-K was going to be like going into battle :).
 He was super excited to get his much so that there was no way we weren't going to get a blurry photo.
 Here's our little graduate.
 And here he is with his beloved Miss Shields. 
I'm so proud of him.  He got his report card yesterday and Miss Shields had tweaked it to include E for Excellent (instead of just I for Improvement Needed and S for Satisfactory) and Norrin got a whole bunch of E's.  He's one smart cookie.  After his graduation, we went to Friendly's and the rest of the night went badly.  He showed every bit of how difficult four can be and we left without ice cream.  As he melted down in the car, I said calmly, "we can just try again tomorrow".  And the next day was just about perfect :). 

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