Friday, August 16, 2013

Peach Picking

One day, this lovely couple asked us to go peach picking.  They brought itty bitty Xyla and...

they brought big sister, Juniper.

Ani Rose thought we were picking apples and that's what she called them the entire time.

She understood instantly what the game was and was very happy picking peaches...I mean, apples :).

She would reach way up high for the tiniest peaches I've ever seen.

Norrin's goal was to get as many as he could in a minimal amount of time.

Ani Rose would call attention to us whenever she thought Da or Norrin weren't giving us proper peach picking respect.

Norrin had so much fun.

And did a great job filling up his bag.

Ani Rose wanted to hold the tiniest peach in her bag on the way back.  It was so cute.

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