Friday, August 2, 2013

Please Touch Museum...An Old Favorite

It was finally time to renew our Please Touch Museum membership. We always like to have it active before the Monster Mash in October, but we wanted to wait until we felt Ani Rose could truly appreciate it. I think Norrin has one, maybe two more years before he's outgrown every activity. On this day, they had a science exhibit featuring silly putty. They had four or five tables in their main lobby covered with giant globs of silly putty. The kids could break some off and make super bouncy balls (much to the annoyance of some of the staff that got hit with one especially bouncy ball as we were renewing our membership) or they could try to stretch and roll the giant, heavy glob on the table. Norrin loves science right now, so this was right up his alley. The pictures we took were with my cell phone and unfortunately, we had to tag team our kids. Norrin ran all over the place like he was on a crazy sugar high (which he wasn't...this time) and Ani Rose had her own favorites. We tried to switch off so we would get time with each child, but Ani wanted me most of the time. So, there's a lot of pictures of Ani and not a lot of Norrin. I guess its about time the second child was caught up on photos :).
First stop for Ani- The Duck Pond.

Down the slide!

Time for a workout.

The stepper was a favorite for most of the kids.

Turn around, Ani Rose!

Norrin checking his form in the mirror.

He's just so strong!


...and demolish.

Time for some juice...such lovely posture.

Captain Ani Rose.

Lunch time...she loves chips.

Such a cutie!

This one makes me laugh.  Norrin was all excited because he found out he's tall enough to ride the carousel without an adult.  He chose to sit on the bench and he was happy about it because its comfortable and he knows the grownups usually sit there, but in this picture, it looks like he's in time out.  At least Ani Rose is happy to ride on the kitty.

Little duck hoarder.

Happy mama with all her baby ducks.

Time for kisses.

Now to collect a few boats and keep them away from all the other children :).

Hopping on the lily pads.

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