Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Outer Banks...The Sequel

We had another vacation in the Outer Banks. We loved it so much the first time, we had to go again. And just like last time, there have been well over a thousand pictures taken by our family photographer, Todd Milligan. So, just like last time, I'll break up the posts as time and our children allow :). We like to take the drive down in segments. This time we stopped in Salisbury, MD. Our hotel room was about $100 cheaper than Ocean City, MD and they have a free zoo and beautiful playground for the kids to get their energy out before the longer half of our journey. Ani Rose loved the zoo because, well, she loves all animals. Norrin just liked trying to spot where they were hiding most of the time. The playground was right next to the zoo and it was huge and well taken care of. The kids loved it.

Ani Rose was too busy and excited to see the next animal to "take a cheese" with her mama.

The landscaping in the zoo was amazing.  Huge trees, tons of shade.

Ani had to stop and say hi while she waved at the animals.

Don't worry.  We didn't let him fall in...this time.

Norrin spotted turtles and fish in the water and he loved showing them to his baby sister.

Supermodel Norrin working it for the camera.

Ani Rose didn't have as much success with the tight rope as her brother.

The sandbox was really fun...with the exception of the amount of sand sticking to Ani by the time she was done here.

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