Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just an Update

So, yesterday was our doctor's appointment and every time I go I think to myself how much I wish I could just stop going. I've been requesting the nurse practitioner b/c she listens to me and doesn't make me feel like the world's worst mommy for the decisions I make (even the ones that are outside the norm). I really haven't had to fight about anything with her and she's very attentive to Norrin. She also gives us tons of information about food choices, safety and educational play. Some of it is useful and some of it doesn't really interest us, but I like that she is a cornucopia of knowledge :). Its just a tedious visit when all I'm really letting them do is weigh and measure my kid (24 pounds, 2 ounces; 31 inches tall). I have to wait in the waiting room for at least half an hour which feels like a lifetime with a rambunctious one year old, then they make me undress him which is always a wrestling match these days and finally they poke and prod him which nobody really enjoys (who wants a cold stethoscope on their tummy- not me!). The main reason I keep going back is I want someone available if Norrin has health issues that require a doctor. Its a safety net that I hope to never use :). Norrin was especially unhappy with this office visit. He clung to me like a little koala bear. Todd came with us, but Norrin wasn't releasing his death grip on me until we were out the door. The doctor couldn't even get his mouth open enough to see the molars that have been wreaking utter havoc on our lives for quite some time. They tried to convince me to get the chicken pox vaccine, but I refused. Some people say it lessens the case if they do get chicken pox, some say it only works if given within 72 hours of exposure and most people I've spoken to say its just better to aim for natural immunity. We haven't seen a single spot on our child yet, but we still have two more weeks to go before we're in the clear. Other than that, teething has kicked back in...we had about a week and a half off :) Norrin is miserable again. He gets extra needy (pick me up, carry me close all day), then he wants to nurse constantly, the drool flows like a fountain, he chews on his fingers and lastly, we have night waking every two hours. He doesn't cry...he just gets whiny, so I have to consider us pretty lucky. A corner of the molars have broken through on each side, so there is an end in sight...until the next set of teeth :). And that's about it. Today is all about prepping for the weekend. I hate Thursdays b/c of that. I don't feel like I'm a very attentive mommy, I feel stretched in too many directions and I'm more or less making constant lists in my head. Its important to me that I make the time I'm away from Norrin and Todd as smooth as possible, so as crazy as I am on Thursdays, its also my way of showing my love when I can't physically be home. So, there will be bottles to prep, snacks to line up, clothes to lie out and, in between, lots of cuddling with Norrin.

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