Monday, November 3, 2008

November? Already?

Its 5 am and I'm the only one awake in my house. Truthfully, I set the alarm in an attempt to get a little "me" time. I will get up at any hour to enjoy a hot cup of coffee without the fear of spilling it on my one year old's head. The boys (Todd, Norrin, Rolo and Scout) are all sleeping in our big king-sized bed and so far, its been a very peaceful start to my morning. I worked Friday- Sunday so I feel a little disoriented and out of the loop. Yesterday, Norrin woke up at 5:30 am with me and cried whenever I left his line of vision...which was quite frequently since I had to get ready for work. It made me feel loved and horribly guilty for having to leave him all at the same time. I can't believe its November already. Norrin and I are making a trip to upstate NY tomorrow night to visit my family and I'm not even a little bit ready to go :). As long as I have some diapers and a change of clothes, we should be okay :). I'm looking forward to seeing what my mom has to say about him. He's quite the curious kid and its amazing to watch his mind at work. Last week, Norrin noticed my wedding band. Then, he looked at his hands for a wedding band. Then, he turned around and showed his hands to his Daddy as if to say "hey, where's my shiny jewelry". For someone who hasn't learned the English language yet, he knows exactly how to communicate his wants...of course, if there's any confusion about what he wants, he will make it very loudly known that Mommy made a mistake. The other funny thing he did was he started emptying a drawer at Rita and Joseph's which had lots of tools...including a heavy monkey wrench. Well, Rita took it away from him so he couldn't hurt his foot. Norrin got mad. He wanted that wrench. Well, somehow, he got it by either going back in the drawer or maybe one of us gave it to him. Wouldn't you know Norrin walked right behind Rita and hit her in the leg with the wrench...on purpose! Thank goodness he didn't hurt her or that story wouldn't be nearly as funny as it is. Norrin is a headstrong lil guy...a force to be wreckened with :). So, this trip to NY should

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Amy Mae said...

Where did November come from?!? Wasn't it just the beginning of October? Henry turns 2 in 11 days - lord help me!