Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Real Kisses and Bad Tables

I was starting the wind down to a nap yesterday. Drawing the shades, turning on the fan and reading a book. Norrin was holding onto this silly lil Taco Bell dog that Todd got for me many moons ago and while I'm reading, I see him kiss the doggie's nose...a real kiss! Lips together and smack right on the dog's nose. He did this about six times. So, I kiss the doggie and hand it back to him and he does it again! I'm not seeing things! So, I lean in for my kisses and I get nothing!!! That lil punk...I mean, my loving son, Norrin, isn't handing out kisses to Mommy. He takes a nap and two hours later, he's kissing Elmo. So, once again, I lean in for my kisses and once again, I get nothing! Foolish Mommy. Later that evening, Norrin was determined to help himself to my water. I'm sitting on the couch, blocking that possible route and I'm watching his hand sweeping the table, back and forth. Then, I see his hand getting closer and I assume he's standing on his toes. Wrong. He's using a football to get a little height and we all know how stable a football is :(. Before I can stop it, the ball slips and Norrin hits his chin into the table. He howls, I pick him up and I'm trying to see if his lip is bleeding...its not his lip...its his tongue. I cleared the blood out of the way and saw two distinct teeth marks in the tip of his tongue. He was still crying so Todd started yelling at the table..."Bad table! You hurt my baby! I want you out of here!". Norrin stopped crying and started pointing his finger at the table and imitating his Daddy. That table got a hell of a talking to :). Norrin wasn't too fond of the taste of blood and kept moving his tongue around like he had a piece of hair in his mouth, but it stopped bleeding pretty quickly and I thanked our lucky stars that we weren't going to make friends with anyone in our local emergency room...yet.

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