Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So I believe I've been tagged (by my dear friend, Amy) so I need to list 8 habits/facts/quirks about myself...however, I don't know 8 people who blog and Amy already posted her list, so I won't be able to tag 8 people back (humph).
1. I will not finish the bottom of any beverage...water, soda, coffee...Todd says I'm like the lil girl in Signs...maybe I'll save my family from aliens some day too :).

2. I have to open a new bag of cheese whenever we make tacos...I don't know why...I just like fresh cheese.

3. I am extremely OCD about my dishes. I used to redo the dishes that Todd did before we had a I'm OCD about how they go into the dishwasher.

4. I was a I'm a nurse in an operating room...why do people find this so strange?

5. I used to be a great artist. Now I'm lucky if I have time to write in playdates on my calendar.

6. My email address is lil pixie, which is what Todd called me when we first started dating.

7. I laugh all the time...after every sentence, when I'm happy, when I'm uncomfortable, whenever.

8. Even when I complain, I know that I have never loved anyone as much as I love my husband...he gave me the greatest gift...our son.

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